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A Free Source of Entertainment Is Books

Even in a day when stories arrive on portable displays and vanish 24 hours later, people are still fascinated by books more than a thousand years later.

What benefits do people specifically gain from reading books? Is it simply for pleasure, or are there additional advantages? Yes, without a doubt, according to science.

Your physical and mental health will benefit from reading, and these advantages can last in the midst of life. Early infancy to senior years is when they start. Here’s a quick explanation of how reading books may improve your health and brain.

1.It exercises your brain

Even only 20 minutes a day of reading is like brain exercise. To exercise, we must visit a gym or go running in a park. Well, our minds also require a workout. The best way to accomplish it is to read. Give your brain a workout by sitting down somewhere quiet and reading a book you enjoy. It will be grateful for it!

Research has confirmed that reading stimulates a complex network of circuits and signals in the brain. Plus, as you improve your reading ability, these networks become stronger and more sophisticated.

In another study, researchers measured how reading a novel affects our brains. The study’s participants read the book “Pompeii” by Robert Harris, and as tension in the story developed, more areas of the brain were activated.

The bottom truth is that, like our muscles, our brains have a “use it or lose it” attitude. In other words, if we don’t consistently challenge our thoughts, they could get less sharp. But we can maintain them robust and healthy if we read every day.

2.Increases the vocabulary

The Matthew effect, which is named after the biblical text Matthew 13:12 that states, “Whoever possesses will be given more, and they will have an abundance,” has been addressed by reading researchers since the 1960s. Whoever lacks will have everything taken away from them.

The one who has much will receive more, and those with little will lose what they possess is a general principle of life and living.


How blessed are the eyes, hearts and souls of them who have seen and read the truth.

The premise that the wealthy become richer and the poor get poorer is summarized by the Matthew effect; it applies to vocabulary just as much as it does to money.

3.It prevents cognitive deterioration brought on by aging

As you age, the National Institute on Aging advises reading books and periodicals to keep your mind active.

Studies demonstrate that seniors who read and do arithmetic problems every day retain and increase their cognitive functioning, even if research hasn’t clearly shown that reading books prevents illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

Furthermore, the earlier you begin, the better. According to a 2013 Rush University Medical Center study, persons who have always engaged in intellectually challenging activities are less likely to acquire the plaques, lesions, and tau-protein tangles that are common in the brains of people with dementia.

4.Develops Your Memory

Do you frequently forget things? Do you have several to-do lists but struggle to recall what’s on them? Don’t worry; one benefit of reading is that it can help you remember things better.

When you read a nonfiction book, you also take in a ton of knowledge about the subject being covered. Similar to this, anytime you read a novel, you have to keep in mind a ton of details regarding the main narrative and any supporting characters, as well as the setting where the tale is set.

5.It enhances critical thinking

A fantastic method to develop critical thinking is via reading. No matter what we read, the act of reading forces us to consider answers and solve difficulties. Your mind will automatically process this. You are not required to take any action. Your mind will seek to deduce solutions and how a novel’s storyline will conclude. Your critical thinking abilities will significantly increase if you read literature in particular. This is because you are reading carefully and not attempting to skim or read quickly.

6.Improved writing abilities

Reading more will inevitably help you improve your writing abilities. Regular reading enables you to become a better writer since it develops your vocabulary and pronunciation. We’re not simply discussing creating fiction, nonfiction, or books and novels. Your writing abilities would have increased with frequent reading, even if you were writing in your day-to-day personal and professional life.

You will become a better writer the more you read. You would have a tendency to concentrate on different writing-related issues that would help you write more successfully than other people.


Don’t you occasionally want to simply go away from all the noise and chaos of daily nonsense? But organizing a trip to spend some time alone isn’t always the most economical option. You may achieve a similar sense of calm through reading. What’s more intriguing is that reading can help folks who are anxious or have high blood pressure.

8.Stress Reduction

A good tale will take your attention away from the problems and activities of the day, whether it’s a novel or an essay. An interesting article will keep you focused on the present, but a well-written novel will take you to another world; whatever stress you may be feeling is instantly released, enabling your entire body to relax.

9.Enjoy Your Entertainment

Books offer some of the world’s most captivating entertainment. Spiritual awakening books, in the words of novelist Stephen King, “are a singularly portable magic.” Every reader may find their ideal reading genre among the many amazing books that are available, which range from business books and self-help manuals to fantasy novels and classic literature.

There is perhaps a no better moment to start reading as a pastime than now when the COVID-19 outbreak and the ensuing economic slump are still a major concern for the world.


Why is reading beneficial to you? Reading helps you focus, remember things, show empathy, and communicate better. It can lessen stress, enhance mental health, and lengthen your life. You can discover new things by reading that will aid in your professional and interpersonal success.

What’s best? While getting all these advantages from reading books, you may also have a great time. Do you read regularly? What are you now reading?

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