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Bag of Chips – #57

I just pushed my deposit slip to the teller to fill it out. I have banked at this bank for 27 years, so I have seen and talk to this teller her entire career. She was looking at me in disbelief as to why I could not write, I started crying feeling helpless. I was beginning to find out there were things I could and could not do. Most of the time I was typing, so I did not know I could not write. Once I placed the pin on the paper, I could sign my name in cursive. But I could not print or write numbers because I had difficulties picking the pen up and placing it back onto the paper. This is something I would not have known if I had not experienced that day at the bank. One night I left Walmart, I was traveling down the back roads with my bag of chips. I open the bag of chips and put them in the passage seat. I’m not proud of it, but for 26 plus years I have driven from Wynnewood to Oklahoma City (approximately 140 miles). I would leave between 6:00 am or 6:30 am and I would leave work at 7:00 pm or sometimes later. I have eaten many meals in my car. This is just to tell you I was an expert at eating in my car. I would try to pick up the chips with the lights off, and notice I had to be looking at the chips before I could pick one up. I could not feel with my fingers and I did not know if I was holding a chip or not. One time I even bit my fingers, because I thought it was a chip. So, it was brought to light that I could not eat in the dark, find stuff in my purse or distinguish what an item was by just touching it, I had to be able to see it. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1.

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