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Batter On Deck – #4

For years I have thought about Job when God said to Satan “Have you considered My servant Job?” Job 1:8. I played softball for several years on several different teams. I played on all-women teams, on co-ed teams, and on pick-up teams. In softball, there is a term “on deck” which means; being next in line to bat. There is also a term “in-the-hole” which means; the batter next in line to bat behind the “on deck” batter.   I think I have been the batter “on deck” and the batter “in-the-hole”, waiting for my turn to bat. I go to the outfield to work, and back infield to set on the bench.  I been waiting for God to say, “Have you considered My servant Jan?”  So, God said, “batter up”. Now I am in the batter’s box and I want everyone I meet to see Jesus in me.  I have prayed and accepted whatever the outcome may be, I have turned my outcome over to God for Him to handle.  It is not my worry or concerned but God’s.  I just want to be able to say, “It is well with my soul”.

On June 7th, I received my official diagnosis from the Gastroenterologist that I had colon-rectal cancer. I also had blood drawn and it showed elevated CEA Carcinoembryonic Antigen. Immediately, I had my office visits scheduled with the Oncologist and Surgeon.  I left the Gastroenterologist’s office after receiving the news and went to a celebration party with my co-workers to celebrate moving our processing system to another system. The news really did not weigh heavy on my mind, because it did not worry or concern me. I had given that burden to the Lord and I left it there.

On June 7th, they scheduled my first CT scan for June 19th.

Celebration party!! June 7th.

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