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Have Peace In The Midst Of It All – #71

Peace in the midst of it all. It’s during these times we need a Savior to call upon. I am thankful I have the Lord on my side. When the storms of life are raging, I’m safe in His arms.  I cannot begin to imagine how someone that does not know the Lord or does not have an intimate relationship with the Lord gets through their personal trials and tribulations. And now we have this mess with COVID-19 causing job losses, sickness, hospitalizations, deaths, a continuous divide in the government, and a divide among the average citizen.  And if that wasn’t enough, we had murder shown on tv causing massive protesting and riots, causing more of a divide (with anger) among United States citizens.  It’s hard to read some of the posts on Facebook and see people that say they are Christians and their posts are far from being a disciple of Jesus.  The United States needs a revival to bring mankind together in love and if not in love at lease to a level of tolerance for one another.  This is a scripture from our daily devotional. If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men. Romans 12:18. It is not alwa possible to live peaceable with all men, but it should be my desire to try to do all that is within me to live a peaceful life.  When I was selecting scriptures, I selected scriptures that were encouraging, gave me peace, gave me hope, offered me a promise, and help me to look deeper into God’s word.  I selected over 400 scriptures, it was not until Sharon and I started putting the message with the scriptures we found duplicate scriptures.  I had written over 50 duplicate scriptures.  The duplicate scriptures were replaced with what was going on at the time outside of my sickness.  I would see people post “will you pray for my daughter” and then post something negative about a political party.  Or they would post something foul and then post something about “God is love”.   Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.

James 3:10. Although the world seems to be turned upside down we still can have peace.  Keep seeking God’s face. And let Him calm your storm, so that the waves are still.


This is the end of series number IV.  I will be doing some short videos about the making of our daily devotional, Peace in the midst of it all.  Videos will start at the end of July.  Prayerfully the book will be ready for purchase soon. Have a great summer, look for announcements, and stay tuned in!!





I know in Matthew 13:24-35 the parable of the wheat and tares will grow together and God will do the separating.  


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