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More Stuffing – #11

2 Corinthians 5:7 We walk by faith, and not by sight.

My prayer pillows. I have had a pillow since I was in high school over 38 years ago. I put my pillow in the washer and my pillow came apart in the washing machine. I was going to sew my pillow back together, then I had the idea to make prayer pillows. I already had some cloth with scriptures and encouraging saying and I already had the backing for the pillows. I just need to get more stuffing. I wanted to stuff the pillow with some stuffing from my pillow of 38 plus years and with some regular stuffing.  I asked my mother if she would help me make the pillows and as always, she was willing to do what I asked. My mother was 86 at the time, she sewed the pillows and I did the top stitch and stuffed the pillows.  I had 24 precut pieces to make 24 prayer pillows. When I say precut, I cut these pieces about 4 years prior. Who knew I would use the cloth pieces and my pillow stuffing for such a time as this?  I’m a member of a very small bible teaching, God-glorifying, get your hallelujah praise on church.  We have about 10 to 15 women that show up on any given Sunday. I had about 4-5 scriptures that I knew were their favorite scripture. I passed out the pillows that I had made and then let the ladies select their bible verse.  I went home that evening after church and made the rest of the pillows and passed them out.  I just wanted the ladies to have something of me as they were praying for me through this season.

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