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Peace In The Midst Of It All – #58

My 9th and 10th chemo treatments were about the same. I would always get back to where I could almost feel like myself (except I still could not touch, drink or eat anything cold), by the time I was ready for my next appointment. Not being able to touch, drink, or eat anything cold was my “new normal”.  That’s what my sister called it.  But I did not want to deal with my “new normal” for a long period of time or to the end of my time. I just thought things were bad after my 11th treatment everything started going downhill. I had my 11th treatment on June 18, 2019. One more treatment to go!! On June 19th, I sent out a Facebook post asking for help with photos for our devotional book. My plans were for my son to provide all 365 plus photos for my book.  Although Richard took beautiful pictures, I just did not have enough.  I didn’t have any snow or winter pictures.  I was driven to finish the book on time and give it to the publisher by the first week in September.  Now, I was dealing with the deadline of the book and these new side effects from the chemo. As I have mentioned before, my extremities would usually ache due to coldness and they would stop aching a few days before my next chemo treatment.  Now the heat was starting to bother me.  I already could not sit in a chair very long without having to get up, but now I needed to get up because my feet would start to go numb and it felt like I had a ball under my feet. When I would stand up, I could hardly walk.  But I had to walk around until the ball was massaged out of my feet.  If I sit in a seat with my feet hanging (not touching the floor), my feet would swell up from the tip my toes to the top of my ankles. I could walk out of my house shoes and would not know my shoe was not on my foot until the floor started getting cold to my foot. He calms the storm, So that its waves are still.  Psalm 107:29

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