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Rick Washington’s wife, Cecilyn J. Washington, is a woman Christian author and a teacher. Her family includes a son, two stepdaughters, six grandchildren, and a Yorkie named Diamond. The Mt. Carmel Baptist Church is her church home. Young and Seasoned ministry was founded by her, including the C3 ministry (Christ, Conversation, and Coffee). She sponsors a yearly grant for the ‘Desires of the Heart ministry. This is her first book publication.

“God is waiting on you with open arms; confide in Jesus and let the Holy Spirit comfort you.” – Cecilyn J. Washington.

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Married to D. Scott Thomas, Sharon Thomas is the best Christian book author and the mother of three, and the grandmother of nine. She is an Mt. Carmel Baptist Church member and the Young and Season Ministry co-founder. Sharon was a recipient of the ‘Desires of the Heart’ grant, leading to The Closet Ministry. She also serves as a location coordinator for Wreaths across America. Through co-writing Peace In The Midst Of It All, God’s Word has ministered to her during this season of her life.

“I would like to dedicate it to my best friend of more than 50 years. When I was diagnosed with cancer, she told me, “It’s ok to cry, but don’t forget to pray, and then it’s time to fight the beast.” As my journey with cancer progressed, I wrote scriptures to encourage myself. When I was waiting for my radiation treatment one morning, I began to experience anxiety. In an effort to find as many peace scriptures as possible, I began writing them down. The Word has calmed me down as I have dealt with cancer and its side effects. By learning how to live well, you can be at peace. Peace is found when you seek it. This daily devotional and encouragement to walk with God will challenge you on your spiritual journey.  A weekly “walk” scripture is added for your encouragement.” – Cecilyn J. Washington.

I truly believe I was guided by the Holy Spirit to write this devotional book and always strive to be known as renowned as one of the best female Christian book authors in the town. As I look back over all the steps I had to take to get the book published, I am amazed that I am now a published author. First, I want to give praise to God for choosing me to be His servant. I actually felt like God asked Satan, “Have you considered my servant, Cecilyn.” I have had to encounter what I thought was a job experience. I encountered being diagnosed with cancer, going through radiation treatment, losing my job of 31 years, losing my best friend of 50 years, having cancer surgery, and receiving a colostomy all in about 6 months, and God was not through with me yet. (Read my blog for the complete story). But through it all, I have experienced peace. In the Midst of my pain, in the middle of my trial, and in the center of my tribulations, I wrote a book. I titled the book “Peace in the midst of it all” because, through any trail that you may encounter, you too can experience peace. To God be the glory!!