It's a common phenomenon that when you're fighting for life, you want to rush back to God for help and peace. I also encountered a similar situation. When I was fighting for life, I wanted to grow closer to God. I had come across several best Christian books and publishers that provide guidance through Bible verses even though I have read several published books that quote Bible for peace and increased my faith in Christianity.


about book

I want to dedicate this book to my best friend of 50 plus years. When I was first diagnosed with cancer, she told me “It’s ok to cry, but don’t forget to pray, then it’s time to FIGHT that beast”. I started writing scriptures to encourage myself through my journey with cancer. I remember one morning waiting to have my radiation treatment, I started having anxiety. I started writing down as many ‘peace’ scriptures as I could find.  The Word calmed me down and I have been at peace through my journey with cancer and side effects. You can learn how to get through life and be at peace. If you seek peace you will find it. This daily devotional will also challenge you on your walk with the Lord.  There is a weekly “walk” scripture added for your encouragement.

God is waiting on you with open arms, confide in Jesus and let the Holy Spirit comfort you.

 Cecilyn J. Washington