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The Ride Home – #28

Sunday, October 14th, I was given my first meal.  My meal consisted of chocolate pudding, strained cream of mushroom soup (I couldn’t eat the soup even after not eating for 7 days. Yum, not), apple juice, whole milk, and tea. The doctor came and told me I would be released the following day.  I asked the doctor again if my colostomy bag would be temporary or permanent and he said I would have to wait until my chemo treatments were completed. At the time, my chemo treatments had not been scheduled yet.  But I knew I had to heal from my surgery before doing my chemo treatments.  So, I didn’t ask again and I would not ask again until after me chemo treatments were over.  My chemo treatments were in a later phase and I was only focusing on one phase at a time.  I had someone come and change my colostomy bag and explain to me how I should change it.  I never had a bowel movement while in the hospital so I had to imagine what the ostomy instructor was talking about, (I found out pretty quick that I was wrong.) I was discharged Monday, October 15th, I still had my drainage bag on my right side, approximately 12 inches of staples in the center of my stomach and my colostomy bag on my left side.  THE RIDE HOME WAS HORRENDOUS.  I felt every bump on the road from Oklahoma City to Wynnewood for 70 miles laying in the front seat with the seat reclined. BUT I’M CANCER FREE!! HALLELUJAH!!  I just had to go home and heal.  I was scheduled to have a nurse come to my home 3 days a week and a physical therapist. The nurse was to checked my wounds and changed my colostomy bag and make sure I knew how to change my colostomy bag.  Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all the things that be in health, just as your soul prospers.  3 John 1:2. Again, I say, “It is well with my soul”.

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