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The Slow Process – #51

I sleep through the first and second day and get up on the third day after chemo and go back to the city to have my pump removed. My sister usually takes me to most of my visits to have my pump removed. This is only about a 15 to 20 minutes visit. We travel to the Southside of the city, so it is only about 60 miles, one-way. The nurses try to time my visit with the time on my pump. If all of the medicine has finished pumping out of the machine, then it beeps and I can turn the machine off. However, if the medicine has not completed pumping to a certain level, then and I have to wait. If the remaining medicine is below a certain level then the nurse will push the medicine through, and it makes me nauseated. I have to have candy in my mouth and salt on hand because the taste is in my mouth. They also flush my port and that’s a nasty taste also. I have always used salt for nausea, and thank God, I have not thrown up from chemo yet. I haven’t taken any of the nausea medication, mainly because of the side effects. After removing my pump, my sister and I usually go somewhere where she likes to eat. Her husband does not like Chinese food or Italian food so we usually eat somewhere he doesn’t take her. I was joking and told her she was not taking me to get my pump removed she was using me to eat where she wanted to eat. I appreciate my sister dearly. So, from the 3rd day until the day of my next chemo treatment, I’m eating what I want as long as it is not cold. I don’t go to worship service the week after chemo. I don’t start feeling like getting out of the house until around Monday, about 6 or 7 days after chemo. I drove to the city for 26 years for work. I haven’t driven that far in a few months. I made my first drive to the city. My two sisters were in the car with me, and I was able to drive to the city and back home with no problems. (Just grateful for the little things I use to take for granted). I’m still struggling with my responses to the scriptures for my daily devotional and my sister-in-law keeps coming to my mind. The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. Romans 8:6

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