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When I Arrived – #16

Day 5, 38 days to go. Monday, July 16th, I was thinking this is going too slow. I needed something to take my mind off just counting days.  I changed my work hours from 8:15 am – 7:00 pm; 4 days a week; to “when I arrived” – 5:00 pm; 5 days a week.  My radiation treatments were changed to 8:20 am.

Monday, July 16th, one of my team leaders came to me in a frantic state of mind.  She said she was sick to her stomach all weekend, due to a couple of emails for meeting invites. I told her not to worry about them it was just a meeting on Flex Update. We had just recently moved the claim processing to a new system and we were still working out the kinks.  I have worked with my team leaders for over 20 years.  They know when something is weighing heavily on my mind and I’m not at a point where I can share the information with them. They respect and trust me enough to know I would not hold any information from them that would harm them. It was my common practice to let them know as soon as possible when something was going on or about to happen that was going to affect them, their team or the department.  She could tell that I was not keeping anything from her, but little did I know….

Isaiah 26:12 LORD, you established peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.

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